You Know What Sucks? Everything

by Emo Side Project

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Andrew Shores
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Andrew Shores I've paid attention to Emo Side Project for some time now, and it's an honor to say that they're one of the few great things about my home state. I saw this band perform live back in February and they were great. Andrew seems like a fantastic human being standing up for a great cause. Favorite track: I've Made a Huge Mistake.
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released March 22, 2015

mae mcshan - everything except drums
spencer white - drums

drums recorded by the seaking Michael Cryane

mixed/mastered by the literal biggest star in the universe Chris French

art by my favorite lil cosmic pup Tyler Soucy

shout out to Alaina Byous, Danni Fay-Addink, Jacob Garver, Diana Dukovcic, Philipp Rosner, Cass Messegee and Chelsea True for love and support. y'all give me heart eyes forever.



all rights reserved


Emo Side Project Santa Cruz, California

i'm not gonna Raichu a love song.


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Track Name: Lyin' Mayans
I used to hate how you'd only ask about the weather
now I'll take any excuse for a conversation
I'm sick of talking to myself

everything used to remind me of something
but I've spent so much time repressing memories
that I misplaced my own name with my sanity
my self doubt got the best of me

if the world's really ending I guess I should prepare
but you know I've never been that good at goodbyes
so I just want you to know that you're beautiful before we die
Track Name: This MegaHertz
I realize that my feelings are unfortunate and insignificant
but it's hard to build immunity over time, especially overnight
I guess for now I'll settle on conversations that are forced and meaningless
and then wonder why I'm so depressed that I can't even cry anymore

this constant mid-life crisis is getting old
I want to fall in love without being destroyed
but if history has taught me anything
I'll get the opposite of what I'd like to receive

I'll tune my heart to a different frequency
remove this white noise
regain some clarity
become a better me
Track Name: I'm Just Crying and Watching Soccer
I am barely a voice heard through walls
less than nothing, a reject
I'm just crying and watching soccer contemplating the reason
I go to sleep wishing I was someone else
but wake up feeling the same
this repetition is exhausting me
Track Name: WrestleMania XIII
they told me wrestling wasn't real
it was just for show, some capitalist shit
it shook a little life out of me that remains lost to this day

my first crush was in third grade
I wrote them a poem in crayon
then showed my friends and they all laughed
that sums up my life pretty well

when you realize that nothing works out
it makes life a little easier and harder at the same time
Track Name: This Just Got Real
we're just two kids looking for somewhere to disappear
and drink away these memories from teenage years
because I have this hunch that they're what's been eating us
the easiest way to forget is kill brain cells

I've heard it's the cowards way out
but we're not known for bravery
or even vanity

so we retreat to an overpriced party bus
and girls gone wild becomes guys gone wimpy
then we shotgunned some beers and went to bed without our shirts
I never felt more okay in my life

I know it's the easy way out
but we're not known for anything at all
and that's the problem

if we lay down those bottles
we'll find a clearer perspective on life
it's okay to be sad sometimes
Track Name: Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant
I crave attention, lack motivation and fall in love too easily
it's a deadly combination I guess I need to deal with a little more productively
and I can't help feel like I'm stuck in high school and life's a constant prank on me

you can count on me to show up
but don't assume I'll be of any use
and you could wait for me to grow up
but it'd be quicker not to give a fuck

if I had a penny for every night I've cried
the ground would collapse around me
I couldn't count enough stars for every time I've sighed
I guess I'm just unlucky

I will not be okay. nothing.
Track Name: Salute Your Jorts!
I'm tired but I can't sleep
hungry but I won't eat
lonely but I don't leave my room
I'm the worst kind of hypocrite
cause I constantly complain about the problems I create
it's no wonder my friends are dropping like flies
it's an endless cycle
my life, the disaster
but no self-help book or 90s show is going to drag me out of bed
long enough to clear my head
so I can sleep, eat and fuck again
I'll just waste away the life that I don't have
Track Name: I've Made a Huge Mistake
we live then we die
in the middle we ask questions like "why me?"
some people are searching for a purpose, a meaning
I'm coping with feeling worthless
and second guessing everything that I do

I've got first world problems and I still can't solve them
woe is me
so what good is a Ph.D.?
an education won't save me from being an introvert
and misreading every relationship that I'm caught in

this is all so petty
it keeps bumming me out
I don't want responsibility
I don't want to give up in my 20s
but I've made a huge mistake
taking life at face value
I don't care anymore if I'm happy
I just want to be anyone but me
Track Name: You Know What Sucks? Everything
we all have desires that unanswered complicate everything
I hide mine behind fake smiles and weak handshakes

we all change when we're not alone
some for better, some for worse
I freeze up in almost every social situation

every day is the new worst day of my life