Emo Side Project / Medicine Bow Split

by Emo Side Project

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released January 14, 2016

art by my lil cosmic pup tyler soucy

medicine bow are lovelies from wyoming. much love to madison and katherine!!



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Emo Side Project Santa Cruz, California

i'm not gonna Raichu a love song.


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Track Name: Fists of Fury
what's with the staring?
am i unwillingly on display?
is my queerness offensive?
or are you just upset to be attracted to me?

i've got fists of fury
and i use them freely
so don't even think about trying to touch me

call me a killjoy
i'm not your fucktoy
Track Name: The Truth is Out There... and it Hurts
i've heard home's where the heart is
but i don't feel welcome in this body
i pick at my skin to try to escape it
but i know that it's pointless

that's okay
i can fake a smile my whole life
make it habit and hobby
become my own enemy
a new day
another way to let down everyone

i've heard the truth is out there
but it hurts when you find it
like i'd sell my soul to a second rate demon
for a chance to feel human

that's all right
i'll just hold my tongue my whole life
proficient passivity
played off as serenity
a new day
another way to let down everyone

wherever i am
whoever i'll be
i'll always carry insecurities with me