Kill the Intellectuals / Personality Disorders / Panucci's Pizza / Flatsound / Emo Side Project Split

by Emo Side Project




released 03 January 2015


Released by:
Driftwood Records (Thanks to the Reptilian King Known by humans as Dandy)

Little L(eague) Records (Thanks to Callum, my babe)

Art by:
Anna Serafini

Thanks to my amazing talented friends:



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Track Name: Personality Disorders - someone who knows what they're worth
You fell asleep in someone else's clothing
You looked upset, like I shouldn't be watching
I was so confused by your touch
It's amazing someone could love themselves so much

You'll find me drunk on the sidewalk when you need me
You'll find me drunk on the sidewalk when you decide that you love me
And you know you'll deserve better than this
There's nothing more beautiful than someone who knows what they're worth
Track Name: Personality Disorders - someone who is as ugly as they feel
Spend the year inside to think about my life, instead I spend the year inside to avoid living mine. I'm selfish when I write these songs I don't like, until I end up back in bed trying to be noticed again.

But you won't know. You won't ever hear this.

Spend the year inside to think about my life, instead avoid living mine. I played the victim but got caught up in my story, you were made of loss, made for discomfort. And I was made of my father's sin, to find no solace in aging skin.

You left me to hospital beds and finding solace in "You'll be okay, eventually."

But I am ugly as I feel.
I am ugly as I am worth.
You are still above me.


I know what I'm worth. I am nothing.
Track Name: Panucci's Pizza - good
I can still feel your teeth digging into the inside of my bottom lip,
And I can still feel my heart beating far too fast for the situation.
But it's not your fault for showing interest, when there is alcohol involved everyone seems so much more simple, what a load of shit.
Why do i get so over fucking zealous whenever a pretty face opens it's mouth to ask me for directions to the bus stop, to the bus stop.
I can still feel your teeth.
Track Name: Panucci's Pizza - I choose to believe what I was programmed to believe
My breastplate is made of glass, and I invite the neighborhood kids to throw rocks at it.
Sooner than later my armor will shatter, and the prize that they take home to their parents is my smile for the night.
When I look straight at my bed I don't think of you like I did, now all I ever think about are the people who might sleep in it, and never come back just like you never came back in the end. So I'll slump my body to my half-connected sheets, and slowly descend.
My helmet is covered in flames, and I invite the fire department to dump water on me, and all that's left is a smoldering pile, of a once lengthy smile
Track Name: Flatsound - you had a panic attack in my bathroom
you used to come up for air through a sea of other people, just hoping they don't notice that you are leaving again. you're leaving again. and i can't believe it's true, there are people like you. with the same heart, and the same marks on our bodies.

did everything feel beautiful when you let go of the idea of being anything at all? and you can't believe it's true, there are people like you. when i held you in my bathroom – i felt new.
Track Name: Flatsound - a house with an old cuckoo clock
you came here on a plane, through the clouds and over water, just to make sure we were close. when did clothes become so uncomfortable? so we'll take them off, and i'll let go of everything that i had lost in a single night.

i still dream of a home where we both chose where the things go. you're hanging a clock on the wall, and i hear it's tone when it strikes noon. cuckoo.

we're lying in a bed with the sheets over the windows, and the daylight was gone when you said that you loved me more than you knew. cuckoo.
Track Name: emo revival
I am so bad at everything except loving you
for that I hold the world record - the undefeated champ for all time

let's disappear to a place where we
don't worry anymore about everything
cause I'm feeling weak, anxious and scared
but your arms around me cure anything
Track Name: flesh and bones
I'm just a man of flesh and bones
but I'm here and I'm yours
my hands held out, my head held high
and my eyes closed tight when our lips meet

every day with you is the new best day of my life